ECD Rebel Elite Pocket Defense Lacrosse Head



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ECD Rebel Defense Lacrosse Head is a Groundball machine! Whether high or low angle, from the side or straight on, the Rebel makes groundballs look easy! The Rounded scoop acts as a guide that makes groundballs a breeze from any angle on any surface. It's a Beast in Transition, featuring a tighter face shape with a more aggressive pinch. Punishing Checks – the aggressive design and ultra-stiff construction allow the Rebel to not only take a beating, but deliver one as well.

*Features the ELITE Pocket
ECD Rebel Defense Lacrosse Head

Groundball Machine
• Makes Groundballs look easy
• Rounded scoop acts as a guide

Beast in Transition
• Features a tighter face shape
• More aggressive pinch

Punishing Checks

• Aggressive Design and Ultra Stiff Construction allows the Rebel to take & deliver a beating
• Elite Pocket

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