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Fast Hands are proudly manufactured in Michigan USA using computerized pipe bending machines and precision welds. I’m talking cold hard steel with a 1 inch diameter x .083 wall thickness finished with durable powder coat paint. Fast Hands are built to last a lifetime and it’s the one hockey tool in your family that will be passed down from one generation of hockey players to the next. Fast Hands are a fun, inexpensive training aid that will help your kids develop the most fundamental skill in hockey…………Stickhandling!!

All aspects of stick handling can be practiced using Fast Hands including:
1) Expansion of reach
2) Figure Eight Stick Handling
3) Quick Sticks
4) Soft touch
5) Wide dribble
6) Bait Cup Go around Puck Maneuver
7) Toe drag deception

Fast Hands Training Tips:
1) We recommend using a Green Biscuit for dryland training. It’s more realistic than a ball for better results.
2) Complete each drill for at least 5-10 repetitions increasing your tempo as you go. The faster the better!
3) 25 excellent drills are provided but be creative, use your imagination and come up with your own variations and movement patterns. Challenge yourself and your teammates!

Fast Hands Pro Training Tool
• Improve Stick-handling
• Improve hand eye coordination
• Increase speed and performance
• Super Fun and Inexpensive
• A must for year-round training
• Killer Workout and Aids Stickhandling
• Show up strong to your next season with learned puck skills
• Become the Dangler that you need to be
• Practice will aid and assist the player in growth and confidence for One-on-One battles
• Great for On or Off-Ice training

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