Factory Red Halo Hockey Wheels

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Molded with advanced Purethane™ chemistry, pure urethane with no additives which allows for ultimate grip and long lasting performance. The Red Halo features dual-pour all Purethane wheel, where the inner and outer Purethane act as one allowing for a true urethane flex and feel. Single concave Purethane core controls the flex of the urethane maximizing grip and performance. Sealed fresh to prevent deterioration caused by sunlight and oxygen so you can perform at your best.
Factory Red Halo Hockey Wheels

Recommended Surface:
• All indoor surfaces from maple wood, roll-on, sport court, ice court and roller steel
• Purethane™ Chemistry

Dual-Pour Purethane™ Wheels
• Inner and outer Purethane act as one piece, mimicking a true Urethane flex & feel
• Single concave Purethane core

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