Full Pro Skate Fender- Large

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The Full Pro Skate Fender is a game tested and NHL Player worn for the past 3 Seasons. The Full Pro Skate Fender is worn by players that desire maximum foot protection from impact injuries that result from puck and stick impacts. Made from a high quality polycarbonate that is proven strong, impact resistance and highly effective in protecting the ankles and feet of players.

The One Piece shell that cover all vital areas of the foot while remaining easy to put on and take off with the simple hook and loop strap attachments. For the past 3 years The Skate Fenders have been making their way into the NHL and other leagues offering a protection that was not available before. Get yours today!
Full Pro Skate Fender
• High Quality Polycarbonate construction
• Maximum Foot Protection
• One-Piece Shells that cover vital, prone areas
• Worn by NHL Players

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