Graf Supra 707 Hockey Skates- Senior

Style/Model #: 2809S

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The most unique hockey skate manufactured today, the 707 offers more lateral, fore and aft flexion than any other skate available. This flexion comes from the boot’s patented construction system that requires 114 different pieces. The result of this design is an extremely stiff lower quarter while providing completely independent ankle flex. This flexion allows the skilled skater to maximize their stride length, resulting in superior power. This skate is best suited to players with very bent knee stances and exceptional skating ability. Definitely not a beginner skate.

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Graf 707 Review
I grew up in Daoust skates. This is the only boot that even compares. The rest are like ski boots. I have pretty strong ankles so I like flexibility to move fore, aft, and sideways. I'm 55 yrs started skating at 2 yrs. I've been skating in these for 3-4 y
Good for experienced skaters
Like the previous reviewer, I began on Daoust Skates , these are very similar, Allows lots of use of the ankle in the accelerating stride. I am 46 yrs and have been skating since I was 4 - these are the best skates I have owned, I cant do the normal 'ski
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