Green Biscuit "Snipe" Shooting Puck

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The new Green Biscuit Snipe is now designed for shooting. The first edition was built for passing and stick handling only. This new version is specifically designed to be used for shooting. Practice all type of hockey shots!
Puck is made from a different softer material with each puck weighing 5.2 oz which is a little heavier than the original Green Biscuit.
Green Biscuit Snipe feels more like a real puck on the ice making your training with this puck more game applicable.
The Green Biscuit Snipe is a great off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop shooting & stick handling skills that will blow your competition away.
Your surface doesn't have to be perfect for the Green Biscuit Snipe, but the better the surface the better the performance. Pick up a Shooting Pad or Dryland Flooring Tiles and you’ll have the perfect setup for practicing your stick handling and passing skills.
Use the Green Biscuit Snipe with your teammates at dryland practice and watch your team win more games.
Green Biscuit "Snipe" Shooting Puck

• Designed to be used for shooting practice

• Great off-ice training hockey puck

• Pick up a Shooting Pad and you’ll have the perfect setup for practicing your stick handling and passing skills and shooting too!

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Great Training Tool
It's a great off the ice puck to use in the garage or basement.
I prefer the regular Green Biscuit
This Green biscuit barely slides across my outdoor rink. It is great for shooting and maybe good on a shooting pad, but in my opinion this puck did a bad job of simulating an ice puck.
Slides easily, lost even easier
If you use this on an outdoor rink or something than it is a great puck! But if you want to use it for street hockey or anything that has green around it, DON'T get this puck!! I've bought two of these pucks and I've lost both of them in the same bush wit
Doesn't seem to cut through my tape.
The micro blade is too small to cut through my hockey tape...
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