Hespeler 900 Series Perfect Fit™ Hockey Shaft- Jr

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Hespeler's Perfect Fit System helps parents easily identify the best composite shaft for their junior player. The system offers three Kevlar?/Graphite shafts bio-mechanically engineered based on the player's physical attributes. Each shaft design features the perfect balance of kick point, flex rating, length and weight to optimize player performance.
  • Construction: Bio-mechanically engineered Kevlar®/Graphite shaft - Offers excellent lightweight response
  • Flex: GOLD (Stiff), SILVER (Mid-Stiff), BRONZE (Medium) - Bigger, stronger junior players should choose the GOLD (Stiff Flex), while smaller, lighter players should choose the BRONZE (Medium Flex)
  • Length: GOLD (47") recommended for players 5'3"+ and 100+ lbs., SILVER (43") recommended for players 4'6" - 5'2" and between 75-100 lbs., BRONZE (43") recommended for players under 4'8" and and 80 lbs.
  • Special Features: NOTE: GOLD model fits a SENIOR size blade, while SILVER and BRONZE fit standard JUNIOR blades
  • Weight: GOLD (290g), SILVER (225g), BRONZE (200g)

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