HockeySled Off-Ice Training Tool

Style/Model #: 108320H

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This model is used for strength & conditioning off-ice. The off-ice model has all the same features as the on-ice model but with a ridged plastic bottom surface intended for off-ice conditions. An excellent off-ice training device  to help a beginner to intermediate hockey player learn the fundamentals of the hockey stride off the ice. The HockeySled develops their muscle memory regarding posture and stride mechanics. The off-ice model will also help advanced hockey players build and develop all the major hockey muscles to increase top-end speed, first step acceleration and strength on-and-off the puck. The durable plastic bottom is to be used on synthetic ice for hockey skates and or roller blades. It can also be used on smooth black top/asphalt or tennis court like surface. If used on a rough textured pavement the bottom will wear down over time.

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