Innovative Graphite Pro Replacement Blade- Junior

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One of the most popular blades in the NHL is now available at retail. Features Resin Transfer Molded (RTM) construction using patented aluminum molds that ensure optimal injection pressure and resin flow to provide maximum blade durability. CNC foam core provides precision construction while I-Beam design provides optimal blade stiffness and fiberglass cord reinforcement on leading edge offers enhanced wear resistance. Available in:
Tapered tenon: The tapered tenon fits any tapered shafts (including Easton Synthesis) to provide you the look and performance of a 1-piece fused stick.
Standard tenon: The standard tenon fits all standard composite shafts.
Innovative Graphite Pro Replacement Blade- Junior

Blade Construction:
• Resin Transfer Molded (RTM) with CNC foam core - Ensures optimal injection pressure to provide maximum blade durability

• I-Beam design with fiberglass cord reinforcement - Provides optimal torsional rigidity

• Tapered tenon - 155 grams

Standard tenon
• 165 grams - One of the lightest replacement blades on the market

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