Labeda Genesis Micro Hockey Wheels

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The Genesis is Labeda’s new wheel creation, the birth of the lightest performance hockey wheel to ever hit the market. Designed around our distinct “Gas Chamber Core” equipped with individual vortec chambers that allow air to keep the wheel core cool, extending bearing life, while providing flex points for maximum grip. The unique Saber Tooth inner rebound ring works to retract and spring back under your different stride loads. This provides unmatched straight away speeds while producing energy in the tightest cornering. Debuting on the Genesis wheel is an exclusive “Endurethane”, Labeda’s abrasion resistant outer urethane formula remarkably exceeding normal wear life while providing the incredible grip you are use to! Available in X-soft only. All in all this new wheel leaves nothing to the end speed, feather light technology, incredible wear and maximum grip all wrapped up in a cutting edge new look! Available in X-soft only.

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