NASH Skate Tongue (Pair)

Style/Model #: SKTONGUE


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Nash Skate Tongues help eliminate Lace Bite. Manufactured in Canada. Featuring a ⅜” felt backing. Front of tongue is constructed using a combination of Microfiber and real leather that will further augment protection and durability, but will also hold its shape. The inside of tongue features reinforced lace bite foam and plastic inserts to better protect your feet against lace bite, pucks, and sticks. Tongue is 12” long. There is an additional length of leather & foam at the bottom that is easily trimmed to fit your skate. Available in Large (most popular) or Extra Large (wider tongue with more felt).
NASH Skate Tongue (Pair)

• Great way to eliminate Lace Bite or for further customization of your skates
• Manufactured in Canada
• ⅜” Felt backing
• Front of tongue is a combination Microfiber and “real leather,” which augments protection and durability
• Inside of tongue features reinforced lace bite foam and plastic to protect foot against lace bite, pucks, and sticks
• Tongue is approximately 12” long
• Tongue has additional length of leather and foam at the bottom thatis to be trimmed to fit skate

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