REEBOK 12K Goal Skate- Jr

Style/Model #: GSK12KJ

$89.99 $169.99

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The Reebok 12K goalie skates offer sublimated nylon construction providing good performance and comfort. The flex cuff lets the goalies get maximum mobility while the tongue provides good comfort. This 12K goal skate features the same Customlite Cowling found on Reebok's top end 20K skate. Overall, this 12K goal skate provides a great value for what you get in the skate.
Quarter Package- Sublimated nylon construction prevents breakdown for longer wear.
Liner- Brushed nylon for cool comfortable fit.
Tongue- 5MM high density fabrication enhances fit and improves comfort.
Flex Cuff- Maximizes comfort.
Cowling- The Reebok Customlite R30 cowling features lightweight pro-profile moisture exhaust vents, butterfly toe shield, trilites and a replaceable steel runner that holds and edge longer

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