REEBOK 18K Shoulder Pads- Sr

Style/Model #: SR18KSP

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Reebok's 18K shoulder pads offer streamlined protection for excellent mobility and protection. Low profile construction keeps the pads close to the body for maximum comfort and minimal bulk. Molded vented air channels with comfort liner provide cool comfort.

The torso protection offers a custom fit with removable protection at the belly, along with molded HD floating foam and PE inserts at the sternum, kidney, ribs, and spine. When protection counts, rely on the 18K to stand up to the test.
REEBOK 18K Shoulder Pads

• Low-Profile with improved coverage to provide outstanding protection

• Low-profile JDP with molded PE caps for excellent protection

• Molded and vented air channels with comfort liner for cool comfort

• PE inserts with 2 piece floating, 2 piece adjustable, and 1 piece removable for custom comfort fit

• Removable protection at the belly, molded HD foam with PE inserts at sternum, kidney, ribs and spine

• Hinged molded PE foam is lightweight, comfortable and highly protective

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