Reebok 11K Hockey Pants- Sr '11

Style/Model #: 11KHPSR

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Using Reebok's advanced 2 piece construction and memory foam comfort base, the 11K pant helps players achieve a longer, more powerful stride while providing a high level of protection.

The 11K also features strategically placed stretch material, ventilation and abrasion resistant zones that allow you to move freely and often. More NHL players wear Reebok-designed pants than any other brand.
Reebok 11K Hockey Pants
Two Piece- Shell and protective pieces are independent of one another to allow a longer more powerful stride
Construction- Molded memory foam enhances both comfort and stability in the hips.
JDP Hip Caps- Helps protect the hip by dispersing the energy of the impact away from the fragile joints
Protector- Remains close at all times for ultimate comfort and protection
Zippered Length Adjustment- Allows for up to 1 inch of length adjustment

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