Reebok 8K Fit Lite Hockey Helmet '09-'10

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Branded Reebok, the 8K helmet remains unchanged otherwise. The Reebok 8K FitLite™ integrates cutting edge technology and pro styling to create a helmet that feels like a second skin but protects like armor. The innovative composite subshell and Microdial™ technology make it the lightest and most customizable helmet ever developed. Simply slide the integrated Fitclip™ up, adjust the helmet on the head, and slide the FitClip™ down to lock it in place. The Microdial™ adjusts the helmet circumference by tightening the stabilizer straps for a snug 360-degree fit. Variable thickness and grip textured Comfort Cushions™ offer added comfort, while MAXVENTS™ venting keeps the player cool. CSA, HECC and CE certified.

Note: Helmet certification sticker may be expired.

Reebok 8K Fit Lite Hockey Helmet
• Composite subshell and Microdial™ technology
• Fitclip™
• 360-degree fit
• MAXVENTS™ venting

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Solid protection great price
Though this is an older model that has since been replaced it is a well constructed and easy to adjust for proper fit.
helmet was not a 09'-10' was a 08'
Site specifically said 09-10' Not 08'-10'
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