Reek-Out Hockey Disinfectant 6oz

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Finally there is a product that doesn't mask the malodor molecules but actually eliminates them. Beek's Reek-Out.® uses a unique formula that actually changes the molecular structure of a malodor molecule.  Reek-Out® goes to work the second it's sprayed onto an absorbent surface seeking out malodor molecules and bonding to them creating a new molecular structure so the odor can never return. As long as new malodor molecules aren't re-introduced Reek-Out® can effectively and permanently eliminate any organic odor!
Reek-Out Hockey Disinfectant 6oz
• Changes the molecular structure of a malodor molecule
• Breaks Down the Bacteria Build-up on equipment and bags

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Great product
I'm a fan of hockey, but not the smell. This product is great in eliminating the smell that will roam our house. We spray down my son's gear after practices or games and put them in front of a fan. You can really tell when he forgets to spray. Big differe
Reekout works
The wife was on me for how bad my hockey stuff smelled. I saw this product so I added it to an order when I was ordering a few other things I needed. I gave it as a gag gift to my wife. She (and I) have been pleasantly surprised by Beeks Reekout. It does
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