Rink Rat Hornet Pro Roller Hockey Wheels

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Hornet's tr-pour delivers unprecedented performance that's in a class by itself. Only Rink Rat wheels have the patented performance advantage of Mtech™ wheel technology. By fusing a soft, 62A super resilient inner material with a hard, high wear-resistant outer layer. They're the fastest, longest wearing, ultimate gripping wheels in the world and that's why Rink Rat is the wheel of choice for every player on both pro national championship teams.
Hardness Rating:
Black/Gold: 62/80A
Black/Metal: 62/78A
Green/Yellow: 62/76A
Black/Yellow: XXX Grip
Rink Rat Hornet Pro Roller Hockey Wheels

• Mtech™ Wheel Technology
• 62A inner material
• High Wear-Resistant outer layer

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Only wheel i use
Great wheels that allow just the right amount of grip. they are light and smooth.
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