SHER-WOOD Nexon N12 Grip Composite Stick- Jr

Style/Model #: SWDN12JRG

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Nexon N12 sticks offer the elite player the tools required to compete against other high end sticks on the market. The N12 weighs just 430 grams and provides balanced feel that provides excellent puck feel. This stick provides effortless loading with active response for a lightning quick wrister or a deadly slapshot.
Sniper Super Elite Technology- The advanced one-piece spear integration system with enhanced low kickpoint allows effortless loading with active response for a lightening quick wrister or deadly slap shot. With greater loading capacity, Sher-Wood brings more pop, more power and more control.
Pro Fit- The geometry of the shaft is refined for a stick that fits your game. Demanded by pros and designed for the highest level of play, the new Pro Fit shape provides unbelievable control of your stick.
Pro Balance- The traditional joint between the shaft and blade is eliminated which leads to less weight in the blade area and thus, improves the balance of the stick for a lightweight and natural feel pro players demand. Never again will the stick feel bottom heavy in your hands.
Varimax Super Elite- Multiple layers of carbon strategically oriented from top to bottom to provide a direct response with better energy return. You get end to end stability for more accurate and powerful shots.
Pure Sense- The shaft runs through the heel of the stick and is constantly in contact with the ice and the puck. The player gets a tangible feeling of the puck for a pure body extension and increased control.
Foam Stabilizer Super Elite- The blade has a light high- density foam core that dampens high frequency shocks providing you with more comfort and greater feel. The high modulus carbon fiber reinforcement increases the stiffness of the blade for greater shot accuracy.

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