SHERWOOD PMP 5030 Shoulder Pad- Sr '15

Style/Model #: SPPMP5030SR15


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The Sherwood PMP 5030 Shoulder Pads are the basic cloth style shoulder pad. The 5030 Shoulder Pads are constructed with PE hard caps covered with foam, the sternum or chest is a single density foam with the back protection being a single density as well. The Bicep protection have PE insert with single density foam with the pad having the old school lace up in back and front.

If your in a Men's league or Recreational league and deciding to get a protection for your shoulder these are for you. Completely unrestricted movement while offering an adequate amount of protection to the shoulder region and at the price point you want. These are the shoulder pads you had in mind. Lightweight and perfect for the amount of protection you need!
Sherwood PMP 5030 Shoulder Pads
• Caps: PE caps covered with foam
• Chest: Floating PE plate front protector
• Back: PE Back Plate
• Biceps: Single Density foam bicep protectors
• Strapping System: Back and Front lacing system

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