SHERWOOD T70 Undercover Goal Stick- Jr

Style/Model #: SWDGST70J

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The T70 Undercover version offers a new graphic to a proven stick that performs. The square design with rounded corners provides a secure grip for great control and prevents the stick from slipping out of the hands. This stick is constructed using a D-Flector which features proprietary construction featuring cross-linked membrane inserted on each side of the paddle to ensure rebound control. This stick also incorporates a vibration reduction foam core with the use of light high-density foam and wrapped with high modulus carbon fiber for lightness and dampening, thus providing superior control. The perfect synergy between the weight of the blade/paddle and the shaft providing better puck control and gives the goaltender the feeling that his blade is in contact with the ice.
Sherwood T70 Undercover Goal Stick

• Tradfeel

Paddle & Blade Features
• D-flectorPower inner core
• Vibration reduction foam core+
• Equilibrium

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