STX Surgeon RX2 Composite Hockey Stick – Sr

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STX Surgeon RX2 Composite Hockey Stick features PureGrip™ , which is an innovative, ergonomic shape that maximizes hand contact points for greater stick control. The RX2 is constructed using Lightweight & high-performance 3K carbon fiber which runs the length of the stick, and a raised texture that improves the player's control & grip. The Precision Flex™ is designed with an Upper Kick to increase stiffness for an extended load capacity, and a lower kick that provides the ability for quick-loading your plays, & a narrowed peak for responsiveness during plays. The RX2 also features a Nano Enhanced Resin system, which improves durability against potential microfractures, prolonging the life of your blade. The Pureblade™ Technology incorporates 3K Carbon to provides an active energy transfer from stick to puck. 18K Carbon on the backside reduces blade weight for improved balance on the stick. Quad Core™ Technology helps the RX2 remain light while torsionally strong for improved accuracy during release with every shot. Precision stiffness delivers enhanced feel & control of puck.

STX Surgeon RX2 Composite Hockey Stick

• Innovative, ergonomic shape maximizes hand contact points for greater stick control

3K Carbon Fiber
• Lightweight and high-performance material running the length of stick

Raised Texture
• Improves control and grip

Precision Flex™
• Upper Kick Increases stiffness for extended load capacity
• Lower Kick allows quick-loading, narrowed peak for responsive play

Nano Enhanced Resin System
• Improves durability against impact microfractures

• 3K Carbon provides an active energy transfer to the puck. 18K Carbon on the back reduces blade weight for a more balanced stick

Quad Core™ Technology
• Light & torsionally strong for a more accurate release with every play

Precision Stiffness
• Delivers enhanced puck feel & control

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