Sher-Wood 7000 Goal Stick- Sr '11

Style/Model #: FG7000SR

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Highly refined assembly for an ultra lightweight stick with constant stiffness. The shaft is made with Aspen core covered with a double birch lamination and reinforced with vertical fiberglass. This stick offers great stiffness and performance. The paddle is injected polyurethane foam covered with fiberglass. This offers ultimate shock absorption and great stiffness. The blade also uses polyurethane foam for superior feel of the puck.
PP30 Brodeur- White/Red/Black
PP33 Leclaire- Black/Silver/Red
PP41- Black/Yellow
Sherwood 7000 Goal Stick
(2011 Model)

• Highly refined assembly for an ultra lightweight stick

• Consistent stiffness

• Stick is constructed with an Aspen core covered with a double-birch lamination & reinforced with vertical fiberglass for stiffness & performance

• Injected Polyurethane foam covered with Fiberglass for greater shock absorption & stiffness

• Blade utilizes Polyurethane foam for a more tactile feel of the puck

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Light - But Rough Workmanship
The stick is light weight and has held up fairly well. The construction quality is not up to standards. All the edges along the side of the paddle have sharp edges and fiberglass shards. The edges don't have a finish on them. After getting numerous
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