Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard- Senior

Style/Model #: 7400CUST


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Shock Doctor presents the first comprehensive custom mouthguard system designed and packaged for retail.Dentist designed and crafted in their exclusive dental lab.
The Shock Doctor Custom mouthguard is a piece of jaw dropping and jaw securing technology that has no rival. And only days from the time of purchase a personalized custom mouthguard arrives back at the door of the customer.
Shock Doctor has redefined the dynamics, dimensions, and expectations of the modern mouthguard. Athletes of all ages and abilities are discovering the importance of this protection, even for sports where mouthguards were once unnecessary.
The custom mouthguard is simply the most comfortable, ultra protective piece of gear any athlete can put in his or her mouth. Athletes say that breathe-ability and speak-ability are the top "abilities" their looking for. It's also fun, customers can customize their mouthguards even further on our interactive web site.
1. Self contained, informative retail package
2. Well documented user instructions for creating custom impression mold at home
3. Prepaid shipper and return shipment makes the weight no more than two weeks
4. Ultra STC mouthguard included for free for use while waiting for the custom
5. The custom mouthguard is crafted in the Shock Doctor Dental Lab with integrated and patent pending 3D anti-shock jaw pads and impact shield for increased shock absorbsion and upper front teeth protection
6. Unique CoreShock cushion layer locks in a custom fit and improves shock absorbsion by 30% compared to traditional mouthguards
7. Tapered and unobtrusive pro-fit layer improves fit and the ability to speak and breathe
8. Personalized name and number is also possible on the mouthguard
Not recommended for athletes under the age of 11. Not approved for braces without being fitted by a dentist. Available in strap or strapless.

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