TRUE A2.2 One Piece Hockey Stick- Sr

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The All New True A2.2 Stick is loaded with technology to elevate your game to the next level. The Axenic Technology is a patented manufacturing process to seamlessly co-mold the shaft and blade , it removes unnecessary weight from tip section for improved balance and better feel, the shaft also allows the shaft and blade to work as a unit for better feedback.

Smartply Technology that has inner layers used to control torsional stiffness for a better feel and stick control,unidirectional fibers to control the stiffness and flex to protect from impact damage plus additional torsional and hoop layers for impact strength. Active Bond Technology II maintains blade stiffness over a long period of time for greater pop and feel, incorporating a Dual 100% carbon fiber rib structure.

Unique foam core technology with high impact strength that won't break down over time. This is the complete package stick for recreational players looking for a durable stick that can handle a beating.
TRUE A2.2 One Piece Hockey Stick
Active Bond 2 Technology
• Active Bond 2 improves on Active Bond by adding a second full length rib joining the front and rear faces of the blade. The dual rib is more efficient at transferring the shear loads during flex of the blade which prevents the foam core from breaking down and prevents the blade from losing stiffness.
Axenic Technology
• True Hockey's patent (US Patent 6,893,596) covers the process to make a shaft that tapers to a dimension thin enough to form to the heel of a hockey blade utilizing a compression molding process.
• Smartply refers to the laminate design, or recipe, used by TRUE engineers to optimize performance, weight, and durability of a shaft. With up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft, fiber angles and the order of those angles can drastically influence flex, torsional response, and impact strength of a shaft.
• Excellent balance point, not bottom heavy at all
• At 495 grams and super lightweight, it is more than on par with the top selling sticks in the $129.99 to $169.99 price range but with better performance & greater durability

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Great Feel
This is my first True and I love the feel of it.
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