VAUGHN 2200 Velocity V6 Leg Pad- Sr

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The new 2200 custom pro model goal pad has a full flat face design constructed to give precise puck control. All new Pro Core inner foam technology gives the pad a precise shape and provides a firm density that extends to the edges of the pad to create more effective blocking surface. The new Pro core system features a layer of high performance Carbon fiber through the entire length and width of the pad. This enhances the performance even further by strengthening the internal padding for greater durability and preserves the ideal performance over the life of the pad.

The carbon fiber forms an internal recoil plate that functions as a spring that assists the pad after flexing to return to the original shape. This carbon fiber enhanced system aids the pad in extending the thigh sections to give superior five-hole coverage when on the ice and to assist in movement recovery. This system is so unique and advanced it is already patent pending. Over square inner thigh rise holds the pad firmer against the ice to help eliminate gaps in coverage. Smooth inner pad edges allow for faster more consistent movement along the ice surface, this also creates a tighter seal against the ice for improved net coverage. The inside knee and calf landing areas provide a wide area to give superior balance and greater pad control for faster movements.

The pad features a wide leg cradle with inner and outer protective panels with an adjustable elastic strap to provide rotation adjustment. The pad profile shape is designed specifically to form the pads to the natural shape of the goaltenders legs during play to maximize performance. Adjustable top strap and buckle system allows the goaltender to custom tune the strapping system to their individual style of play. The large knee cradle is extended on the inner landing area for greater pad control with a wide lateral profile to allow for quick pad rotation and features a double layered elastic and Velcro strap for adjustment. Smooth style inner instep area and a sliding toe skate attachment system allows for smooth skate rotation to allow faster pad positioning in the butterfly on the ice.
Vaughn 2200 Custom Pro Model
• Full flat face design constructed to give   precise puck control
• Pro Core inner foam technology
• Pro core system runs high performance   Carbon fiber through the entire length and     width of the pad
• Square inner thigh
• Wide leg cradle
• Smooth style inner instep area and a   sliding toe skate attachment system

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