VAUGHN 7267i Howard Catch Glove- Int

Style/Model #: T7267I

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The new 7267 intermediate catch glove features a large catching surface with a deeper shape to create more volume in the palm and pocket for improved catching and puck retention. Internal hand features mesh finger construction to allow quicker drying and reduce heat buildup along with and adjustable lower finger and knuckle strap that allows for a custom fit for a wide range of hand and finger sizes. The internal back hand also features a back hand strap and integrated wrist strap. All these adjustments allow for the glove to be secured for improved glove control and to prevent twisting for puck impacts near the perimeter. Thumb tunnel design provides added leverage and gives more hand leverage and power to quickly close the glove to improve catching. Back hand padding features three piece construction with HD foam over the back of the fingers for slash protection and has fingertip deflecting ramp to further protect the fingers. The back hand padding can also be fully opened to facilitate quicker drying and to access all the adjustment straps. Deep double bar T-web pocket limits puck spin for improved puck retention in the pocket. Unique size fits wide age and hand size range.
Vaughn 7267i Howard Catch Glove- Int

• Large catching surface with greater volume
• Bual backhand control straps
• Unique thumb tunnel for added control
• Flex palm break for consistent fast break in
• No binding cuff expands blocking surface
• Flared molded front cuff
• Heat moldable for a custom fit

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