VAUGHN 7490 Velocity Catch Glove- Sr

Style/Model #: T7490S

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The Vaughn 7490 Velocity catch glove features a design with a deep contoured catch frontal area and an extra wide shaped palm. These give more depth and surface area to the glove for added net coverage. The single spine T-web pocket is designed with an offset base attachment and skate lace pocket functions to give improved pocket opening and reduce puck spin for enhanced puck retention.

The T-web top bar is reinforced along the top edge to provide added strength and rigidity and provides a tighter close to the pocket. Internal hand features a design with individual finger sections and back hand adjustment strap to provide optimal glove control and adjustment.

The wrist strap has a solid anchor point that provides added leverage so strap can be tightened extremely secure. The palm area of the glove features custom spec construction with added padding and thicker plastic to optimize protection and durability. One piece molded cuff and thumb design features a solid molded component to give a more solid surface area for puck deflection and greater impact resistance.

Back hand protection features fingertip deflecting bar and multiple section for added flexibility and opens to access adjustment straps on back of hand and wrist.
VAUGHN 7490 Velocity Catch Glove
• Custom spec construction
• Heat moldable for a custom fit
• Wide open frontal palm area
• Offset T-web design
• Skate lace pocket
• Front molded thumb and cuff component
• Pre-formed palm break
• Molded top thumb and cuff deflecting surface
• Lightweight perimeter balanced for feel

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