VAUGHN 7800 Velocity 5 Pro Leg Pads- Sr

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The 7800 Velocity 5 goal pad continues the evolution of design excellence and performance with many features and enhancements. The pads inner core is constructed with special high density foams formed in segments with multiple layers and varying densities of foams to provide longevity to the shape, consistency of feel and superior rebound control.

This design provides a stronger structure with added stability to keep the pad length and width consistent and gives a solid blocking surface on all edges for maximum performance. The knee cradle has a wider cross section and is lined with nylon and with Vaughn's proprietary msh3 synthetic material for quick pad rotation. The knee cradle features a flex section on the outer top edge and angled adjustable strap which all contribute to improved pad control and faster pad rotation for precise pad positioning while executing a butterfly move.

The inner landing area and higher density inner edge provide added stability and balance for more powerful and explosive slides across the ice. The knee landing pad is designed to incorporate the knee lifter concept and inside knee protection into one solid component to transfer leg movements to the pad for quicker response. The knee cradle design elevates the goaltenders knee from the ice to facilitate a wider butterfly spread across the ice for increased coverage.

The leg cradle design functions to surround the leg and allows for complete strap adjustments so the goaltender can fully control and adjust the pad rotation to their individual preference. The wider outside leg protection gives more protection and coverage to the leg plus provides the advantage of filling in gaps when tight up against the post for better net coverage. The top outside roll features a more square top section to provide added skip over protection on shots in the five hole, higher density foams specifically layered to reduce impacts to the knee while driving the pad to the ice in a butterfly move.

The lightweight design has been carefully optimized to distribute the weight evenly over the length and width of the pad for reduced weight and balance. The outside panel of the pad has a more tapered section at the knee to facilitate a more complete pad rotation and provide more spacing for the goal pants to allow the pads to align in a more vertical position on the ice for a more solid complete butterfly with greater net coverage.

VAUGHN 7800 Velocity 5 Pro Leg Pads

• Full Pro Spec Construction and fully domestically manufactured to exact specifications for superior performance and durability.
Knee and Thigh
• Dual knee straps with four point user selectable buckle locations for custom fit.
• Flex-Pac internal foam stuff system slows the pad to flex and break-in to each goaltenders own leg shape for maximum performance and feel.
• Molded thigh/knee board with improved attach location for more complete coverage.
• Tapered outer panel at knee area for improved pad positioning
• Firm inside edge for improved 5-hole seal to the ice.
• Fully balanced to enhance performance.

Internal Padding
• New wider knee cradle with increased protection on the outer leg padding
• Improved scoop angle allows pad to set taller on the leg and provides more ice clearance.
• Firm perimeter edge on inside and outside of the pad for stronger blocking surface.
• Wide inner edge and landing pad area provide superior balance.
• The V5 graphics provide a longer and taller image.

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love it
have had tps and brians, but this 1 made me feel so much lighter, i barely felt them on my legs, love the fact that you can move the straps. great rebound control
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