VAUGHN 7990 Vintage Series Leg Pads- Sr

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Vaughn brings it in 2012 with the Retro Velocity 7990 goal pad. This pad is a hybrid design that provides the feel of a conventional Velocity pad in the lower leg, but with a thinner upper knee and thigh section that has a more solid construction with tighter five-hole coverage.

Tall thigh rise with standard plus sizing adds 1.5" of length and square top corners to maximize blocking surface. Narrow outside panel features a gradual top taper and pre-formed side profile. Movable buckles on the top three straps provide custom adjustment.

Knee cradle is adjustable vertically and horizontally for precise positioning and a custom fit. Angled knee cradle strap with dual Velcro adjustment strap keeps strap more secure. Large outside leg protector features high density foam inserts over the calf muscle and outer ankle for added protection. The leg cradle is designed to encapsulate the leg and provide control without having to over tighten the main leg straps and features two adjustable Velcro straps to adjust the pad to the desired tension to the leg.

Wide leg channel with low friction synthetic leather for fast pad rotation. New wider solid inside leg landing pad at the calf and knee with high density foam inserts provides a solid landing and balance area for correct positioning and more control. Internal high density foam boards give the pad added stability.
VAUGHN 7990 Vintage Series Leg Pads

• Tall thigh rise with plus 1.5" sizing

• Flex-Pac internal stuffing for rebound control and easy break-in

• Stiffer knee and thigh rise area for solid feel

• Pre-shaped upper knee curve

• Adjustable main upper leather straps for custom fit

• Fully adjustable knee cradle

• High Density inner side landing pad

• Lightweight balanced design

• Adjustable knee lifter pad

• Deep leg cradle to protect the back leg areas

• Solid top outside roll

• Square outside roll profile

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