VAUGHN 800 V6 Velocity Blocker - Junior

Style/Model #: B800JR

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The Vaughn 800 Velocity 6 Junior goalie blocker takes several of it's design cues from the 2000 V6 Pro blocker. This well-balanced and proportioned glove has the weight and protection characteristics that are suitable for the younger goaltender.

The HD foam board has beveled edges at the front and back, and the sides of the blocker have been squared up to keep the bulk of the blocker over the goalie's hand. The flat side profile combines nicely with a solid HD foam side shield to provide goalies with an exceptional blocking pad.

The palm is constructed of a cream colored Nash®, and there is an extra layer of Nash® for increased durability. Mesh finger gussets give the palm extra flex and ventilation, and the fingers are protected by HD foam fingertip and side flaps. The cuff of the blocker is wider to give players even more wrist flexibility.

Vaughn 800 Velocity V6 Blocker- Jr
• Adjustable wrist strap for control
• Tapered bottom board
• Reinforced palm
• Articulated flex cuff
• Side hand shield
• Light weight perimeter balanced design

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