VAUGHN V6 2200 Velocity Goalie Pants- Senior

Style/Model #: P2200S

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The kidney and upper sections of the pants are designed with Ultra-high density foam segments that are specifically designed to give flexibility to the body core.

The inner section of the pants feature an air cushion pad over the hips and tail bone. The interior of the pant features a padded belt with dual front adjustment buckles.

The large carbon fiber thigh guards are lightweight and help increase protection against impacts as well as provide a more solid blocking area. The carbon fiber inserts are used in the double layered tail bone section.

The front side groin pads are segmented and constructed with Ultra-high density foam to also reduce weight. Large splits on the rear leg keep the thigh portions positioned when going down to the ice.

The inner lining is constructed with a dual-layered mesh material for durability.
VAUGHN 2200 Velocity V6 Goal Pants

Fit and Lining
• Two layer mesh lining for durability and fast drying
• Lighter weight with the use of composites

Padding and Protection
• Large side groin pad adds blocking surface and protection
• Hip and tail bone cushion pads add protection
• Internal belt for added adjustment
• Outer belt and front lace allows for adjustment
• Inner thigh five-hole HD padding
• Inner thigh lace tab to attach thigh guards

Construction and Sizing
• Larger rear leg split opening

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