VAUGHN Ventus LT98 Goal Blocker- Sr

Style/Model #: BLT98SR

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The new Ventus LT 98 Pro blocker glove has a unique construction that incorporates the side shield overlapping into the side of the front blocking board. This design adds stiffness, reduces twisting under high impact loads creating a larger side shield with greater surface area. This all functions together in a design that creates a more solid blocking surface that for 2015 is further enhanced with the addition of carbon fiber into the front internal foam core blocking board and the side shield. The special high density foam core internal board provides light weight and is reinforced with Carbon fiber for increased protection and more positive sharp puck deflection that also increases board durability.

New palm construction features our new VX Suede that is a synthetic leather material that has superior feel and is resistance to sweat for a soft feel. The outer layer has a grip texture for precise stick control and Aero-Spacer mesh gussets add ventilation and quick drying. New thumb design has a narrower and deeper profile for increased thumb coverage with a carbon fiber molded internal unit for lighter weight and increase impact resistance. The side shield features a flat surface with a floating style index side finger extension pad, this increases coverage and provides for more room and reduced wear around the stick opening. The side shield also features an air shock support pad to reduce impacts and support the side shield for the most usable blocking surface. Vaughn's new unique patent pending Palm tension adjustment system allows the palm to be tightened to the base of the glove board to allow for different hand size.

This provides added control to prevent twisting when the puck impacts board edges to maximize control and comfort. Tapered bottom board edge allows for a quick paddle down movement with a tight seal to the ice with no gaps and lower friction against the ice surface. New larger finger protectors are constructed with a thinner lower profile design for added finger dexterity and feature a 3 mm thick carbon fiber internal reinforcement for light weight and greater impact resistance. Higher hand position attachment point extends the lower portion of the blocking surface lower to extend the reach and net coverage. Full pro spec construction for superior durability and performance.
Vaughn Ventus LT98 Goal Blocker
• High density internal blocking board core
• New Carbon fiber front and side reinforcements
• Large side shield with floating side index finger extension
• New VX suede palm
• No binding construction for increased blocking surface
• Large wrist cuff opening with flex pad for added range of motion
• Dual side index finger protection
• Adjustable wrist strap
• Top blocking board deflecting angle for puck deflection

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