Vaughn 2300 Straight Bar Goal Mask- Sr

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The Vaughn 2300 model goal mask features a composite exterior shell construction that increases impact protection and reduces flex under high impact loads. The shell is specifically designed with a constantly curving profile to reduce flat spots, this functions to deflect pucks and impacts away to improve protection. Low chin profile improves downward visibility and improves neck and chin coverage. Triple density three layered internal foam padding allows each layer to progressively absorb and reduce impacts, the most inner layer is perforated and designed to increase ventilation for cooling and increase comfort on the inner lining. The forehead padding features a medical grade gel padding that reduces vibration and provides additional impact resistance in the most impacted area of the mask. Stainless steel constructed cages are available in a flat bar with narrow profile bars that increase visibility and cage strength, a certified cat eye style cage with added center support bars, or a true pro style non-certified cage is also availabel. All cages feature precision welded bars, low luster stainless finish for low glare and precision design for improved sight lines. The mask features a five point adjustable head harness, adjustable chin cup and chin strap.

Vaughn 2300 Goal Mask

• New High Impact resistance composite shell

• Wide face opening for increased field of view

• Wide Faced Opening for increased field of view

• Stainless Steel cages and hardware

• Medical Grade gel interior forehead pad

• Removable sweat band

• Available in white or black painted finish

• Available with custom painted stripes white base with black, red, or blue racing style

• Molded tapered side jaw pad for improved fit

• Molded tapered side jaw pad for improved fot

• Available in adult large

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