WARRIOR Composite Sled(ge) Hockey Shaft

Style/Model #: SLDSHFT4


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The Warrior Composite Sled Sledge Shaft is a composite shaft for sled Hockey players. With some of the best sled hockey players in the World using them, its a great choice for the player. Made from Carbon Composite Lightweight construction and fabricated to fit end spikes at head of stick and blade at end. Optimum flex and kick when used with the Warrior Sled Blade, provides a flex and strength with one-handed plays using stiff lateral construction and better push energy leverage with a serious kick in the blade. Designed and tested by the best sled players in the world.
Warrior Sled Hockey Stick Shaft
• Composite Shaft for stronger,faster sled players
• Made from Carbon Composite Lightweight construction
• Fabricated for spikes at end
• Optimum flex to be used with Warrior sled blade
• Uses a super stiff lateral construction

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