WARRIOR Dynasty Tapered Replacement Blade- Jr

Style/Model #: RBDYNJR

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The new Dynasty replacement blade features:
Axy Syn Technology that allows for the utmost energy transfer and recoil into every type of shot and is built specifically for the right or left handed shooter.
X-Weave fiber matrix that allows for increased strength on back side of blade and increases forward recoil forward into the shot.
Multi-bias fiber placement to reinforce internal blade structure and improved impact durability.
D-Lite blade core features stable heel with super lightweight to for improved balance and puck control.
Pro balance blade provides improved stick feel and weight distribution
Fits Tapered Shafts.
WARRIOR Dynasty Tapered Replacement Blade- Jr

• AxySyn Technology
• X-Weave Fiber Matrix
• Multi-bias fiber placement
• D-Lite Blade Core
• Pro Balance Blade
• Fits Tapered Shafts

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