WARRIOR Nemesis Lacrosse Chest Pad

Style/Model #: NCP17


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Warrior Nemesis Lacrosse Chest Pad is designed for advanced youth players and high school goalies who desire a full range of motion, sturdy sternum plating, and small (removable) shoulder caps to take the hits when paired against those higher impacts. The reinforced chest plate features Warrior's Bone System PE Protection – hard plastic under-plate that's been layered on top of faux leather materials supple to the touch, but able to withstand the harder impacts. Pads flex at the abdomen so that the upper chest padding won't shift when you bend. High quality construction.
Warrior Nemesis Lacrosse Chest Pad

• Bone System PE Protection (Reinforced Chest Plate)
• Adjustable Straps and Shoulder Caps
• Floating Abdominal Pad

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