WARRIOR Ritual G2 Pro Chest & Arm- Sr

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The Warrior Ritual G2 Pro Chest and Arm offers the best in class arm protection and mobility. The Shockshield and AxyFlex™ Technology creates a function that disperses the impact of the puck across the plastic cap and the trampoline liner.

This dispersion of energy assists the goalie by increasing their overall protection and comfort. The Axy-Flex™ facilitates a maximum range of motion while providing superior protection. Acting as a hinge the Axy-Flex™ allows the elbow and forearm with bicep to move together as a floating piece.

The Ritual G2 Pro also features new squared up shoulder floaters. Also featuring the new side Velcro attachment to keep pad tight to body. The Front and side chest pad extensions are removable.
Warrrior Ritual G2 Pro Chest and Arm Protector

• Best in class arm protection

• ShockShield and AxyFlex technology

• Squared up shoulders floaters

• Side Velcro attachments

• Removable front/side chest extensions

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