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The designers at Warrior Goalie are redefining the goalie game again, this time with the Warrior Ritual Pants. These pants offer state of the art mobility and protection along with a personalized fit. The Ritual goalie pants are every goalies dream pant and more!Sizing on the Ritual pant is not like other pants that use a waist measurements, instead the Ritual uses a "Knee to Hip" measurement. Using this height measurement instead of a waist measurement ensures a perfect fit for your pad size. For all sizes within Junior and Intermediate categories, the width of the pant remains the same while the length of the pant is what changes depending on your height. The fit around the waist is adjusted using a padded internal belt which is adjusted by loosening or tightening nylon straps that extend out of the front of the pant. The internal straps are also used to adjust the strap up or down (using loops inside of the pant cavity) to adjust the cant of the pant itself. By adjusting the cant up or down, depending on how you wear your arm and chest protector, is just one of the many ways that the Warrior Ritual goal pant is perfectly suited to your playing style. You will no longer have to worry about bruised thighs and hips with Warrior's "Flex Plate" system. This innovative system consists of overlapping, segmented HD foam plates that lie on top of the pant legs, not inside of the pant cavity (there is still padding inside the pant cavity). The overlapping plates in front of the pants allows the goalie to move into any position without binding or creasing the pant which keeps the foam padding aligned within the necessary areas. The pant legs themselves are feature molded padding that wraps around the thigh. The inner thighs have been squared to provide a seal to the five-hole area. The outside of the pant features Warrior's "AxyCut" system, which enhances the interface between the leg pad and the pant. The "AxyCut" system has an upward taper design on the outside edge of the pant cuff which allows the pant to move with the the leg pad instead of against it. When a goalie goes down into the butterfly traditional pants have a tendency to be pushed upwards exposing the thigh. The tapered fit ensures that the pant cuff will not be pushed upward and out of position to protect the thigh. We all know hockey is an intense, hot sport which is why the designers of the Warrior Ritual goal pant designed the pant to have full mesh construction on the back of the legs for innovative and un-matched ventilation. The Ritual goal pants are designed so well that suspenders are not needed, but they do include removable suspender buttons for the traditional feel.
•Flex-Plates for incredible mobility and protection
• Internal belt system with adjustable cant feature
• Wrap around HD foam leg protection with AxyCut taper

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Great Pants
Son used these a couple times so far, move well, very protective, good buy for the price.
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