Wall Pro W10 Goalie Mask-Sr

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The Wall Pro W10 Goalie Mask in Senior features a aggressive shape of the mask and has been designed to steer the pucks impact off the mask as effectively as possible, resulting in minimal impact to the goalies head. The W10 is a Top of the line mask using Carbon-Kevlar as materials. A 6-layer construction comfortably wraps a goalie's head while adding a 9-layer construction at re-enforced areas like forehead and chin providing a protection that is demanded at certain levels in Hockey. Other features with this Goalie Mask are Rubatex padding, a lightweight build at 1000g or 2lbs 3 oz making this a very lightweight mask. An Excellent balance and fit finishes this mask along with a side area re-enforced to give the mask extra stiffness to protect from side impacts and collisions.

Wall Pro W10 Gaolie Mask

• Carbon-Kevlar 6-layer construction

• 9-layer construction at re-enforced areas

• Rubatex padding

• Lightweight build

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W10 Is One Of The Best Masks Out There
We've looked at many high end masks this time around considering fit, weight, cost, appearance, materials, etc...my son even destroyed 3 masks along the way before taking a chance on the Wall W10. The Perani's and Wall guys were great. The mask was a sp
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