Warrior Bentley Shoulder Pads- Yth '10

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The 2010 Warrior Bentley is one of the best entry level pads on the market featuring Covered, pre-formed shoulder and bicep caps. The Bentley comes with Polyester liner with adjustable straps for a secure fit. With a Poly sheet plate reinforced chest and spine the Bentley protects your most important areas
Warrior Bentley Shoulder Pads
• Pre-formed shoulder and bicep caps
• Polyester liner with adjustable straps for a secure fit
• Poly sheet plate reinforced chest and spine

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Seems to be a solid choice for the price.
I like the way these shoulder pads look and feel durable. They are made by a big name brand with a not so big price. I steer away from paying too much for a product my child is going to grow out of before I get my money’s worth. These seem to meet my safety standards for a very good price. The only thing we found that we did not like is that it is a snug fit over our kiddos head. However, he does have an above average noggin....Overall, great product. Would buy again.
Head hole not large enough
I bought 3 pairs for my varies aged boys, the large pair is the only one that we can use and that would be on my 4 year old. The head hole is very small, can use these but will have to make a cut around so a childs head will fit through.
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