Warrior Venom Lacrosse Helmet

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The all new Venom Helmet will dominate the lacrosse world in 07-08. With its ultra light weight design, superior comfort, and unparalleled protection it is ready to go head to head against any helmet in the industry.

Air bladder technology has been proven at the top levels of contact sports. Our Air Fit system adapts that technology to lacrosse helmets without adding any extra weight or bulk to the helmet. This is done with the all new EXO Air Fit system which consists of a liner that pumps up to customize the fit of your helmet to match the shape of your head while providing proven protection during impacts.

The Venom comes equipped with 23 different Vaporflow vent holes that keeps this beauty breathable and lightweight. The cage construction allows for superior vision and protection.

All our Venom Helmets have a chrome cage.

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