Warrior Widow Grip Composite Hockey Stick- Jr

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Warrior raises the bar with their new Widow! The True 1 process ensures the most consistent and responsive stick construction on the market, creating a stick without artificial joints or weak points.

Warrior's new Dagger Taper Technology: Aggressive dagger taper top line view accentuates the flex characteristics of the stick geometry. Dagger taper allows the hosel and the blade area to increase flex and remain stable versus more traditional square or oval geometries in this region. Taper area and thin blade also give a visual impression of the puck being larger.

In a process first developed by Warrior's engineers, True 1 construction describes the process of making a single piece fully molded shaft and blade. This process allows better control and dial-in for flex and weight balance of the stick since there is no fuse or connection joint of a shaft and a blade.

Using a double density internal polymer core, D-lite technology allows for a very stable heel and base area which transitions to a very light and springy mid-toe area. The center of gravity of the blade is also moved closer to the heel area, which makes the blade feel lighter but does not affect stability at impact. Taper hosel area is hollow, allowing for more weight savings. Additional aramid internal blade cap helps impact durability and prolongs blade life. This stick comes with an additional 3 inches of length to avoid using heavy extension plugs. An X-stitch blade wrap of carbon/aramid increases durability and power transfer. A nipple grip coating enhances stick control on the grip version.

  • True 1: Process ensures the most consistent and responsive stick construction on the market without joints or weak points
  • Dagger Taper Technology: 12" taper from hosel to shaft for increased lower flex on all shots
  • Multi-Bias fiber placement: to reinforce internal shaft structure and improve impact durability
  • Carbon Elite: Highest grade lightweight carbon fiber pre pre materials
  • Pro Balance Blade: improve stick feel and weight distribution
  • 3 Inches Longer: No need for extensions plugs
  • D-Lite Blade Construction: Stable heel with super lightweight toe for improved balance and puck control
  • X-Stitch Blade Wrap: Carbon/Aramid mix for increased durability and power transfer
  • Nipple Grip Coating
  • 420 grams

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Great Stick! Great Price!
Bought this for my son. Best stick he has ever had. Lots of goals in it for sure.
The Warrior Widow
I think the Warrior Widow is a good stick. I think it has good flex (could use more, though) and it has a good curve. it is light, and that is good in a hockey stick. The bad thing is, it wears out very quickly. I used it for like 5 games and 7 practices
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