smart hockey Stickhandling & Shooting Ball

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For years European and Soviet players have used wooden stickhandling balls before games and for off-ice skills training to develop lightning quick, soft hands. With advances in space age materials smart|hockey patented a stickhandling and shooting ball which even more closely replicates an ice hockey pucks weight, bounce co-efficient, slide co-efficient and height at which the puck contacts the stick. The patented, two-piece dynamic core technology feels so much like an ice hockey puck that pro, collegiate and high school players across North America are using the ball as an essential part of their off-ice skills development.

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Smart|Hockey Stickhandling & Shooting Ball

• Helps players develop lightning quick reflexes; soft hands

• Ball replicates weight, bounce co-efficient, slide co-efficient, and height to regulation hockey puck when contact is made with stick

• Patented, 2-piece dynamic core technology

• Used by Pro, Collegiate, and High School players across North America for off-ice skill development

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Useful portable training tool
My daughters use this perfectly weighted sturdy ball when we are traveling to keep working on their stick handling skills. Also woks well to warm up their hand eye focus before getting on the ice. It is inexpensive and simple to throw in any travel bag. Great for off ice work on their puck to blade footwork as well.
Geat for off ice drills
Great for hand-eye coordination.
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